Sharing the good things

Two vino lovers - him a native of Moulin-à-Vent, the heart of the Beaujolais region, her a Singaporean city girl. What started as a quick trip back to France led us on an epic journey tasting our way through every single Beaujolais Cru - and the lower appellations. Him having not been back for years, and her having never visited that part of France, found themselves taken aback by the sheer quality and value of the wine and food of Beaujolais (they go hand in hand). Growing up in wine country means inevitably knowing wine makers and our visit coincided with harvest season. We had intimate, hands-on experiences with several stages of the wine making, and learnt about the importance of each - most of the time with a glass in hand. Both avid travelers who love to explore new places, we found ourselves befuddled by our desire to keep returning to this relatively tiny, less known region of France.


With each trip back to Beaujolais, our appreciation for the region grew, and each return to Singapore left us yearning for the bottles we were enjoying there. Whilst each bottle of Beaujolais Cru shares the same backbone, each one reveals its own distinct flavour. This is possible only because of the staggering difference in terroir, and the winemaker’s respect for the right vinification method when dealing with the inherent characteristics of each Cru’s grape. After visiting cellar after cellar, we realized there was so much more to discover and keep exploring, which draws us back for more.


For the love of Beaujolais and our inability to find the best Gamay in Singapore, we decided to take things into our own hands. We handpicked the wines as we diligently embark on tastings in all 10 cru (hard life!) - favoring boutique wineries that are unique in Singapore. To us, they represent the best flavor and value. We bring in wine that ages well, but also bottles that are in excellent shape to be drunk immediately - because let’s face it, life is too short to not enjoy good wine. We’re too picky to buy from the big négociants and take pleasure in skipping the middlemen, only buying straight from the winemakers. We chat, we drink, we become friends with many of them.


In future, we hope to share even more of the region’s liquid and gastronomical treasures (cheese! meats! truffle! so much more!)  with you, that are often inaccessible to non-French speakers. Join us with your glass, santé!