1. We only allow ourselves to buy directly from the producers that we have personally visited at their châteaux or caves. No retail stores, no sales rep and no marketing expenses means no ridiculous markup.

  2. We focus on wine from the up and coming Beaujolais region. Their light fruitiness with low tannins and high acidity make them perfect for the Singapore weather and our favorite Asian food - even spicy dishes!

  3. We have two kinds of wine - the ones amazing to drink right away, and the ones you can keep and age for a few years. Aged Beaujolais can be as impressive as excellent Pinot Noir. We will tell you which we recommend for each bottle.

  4. We make sure all our bottles are shipped to Singapore via temperature-controlled reefer cargos in order to ensure its quality.

  5. We love Burgundy wines but find them way too pricey in Singapore. The only solution is to curate and bring our own! We would not sell you anything we have not tried and re-tried, and only bring in what we consider good value.

  6. We believe in passion above all. We are not a big company and will never be! We will happily source for you any wines we do not currently carry to perfectly match your occasion and budget, or even other fine Burgundy products.